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1 Ali Haimoud S., Allem R. Algerian date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) fruit cultivars: HPLC fingerprinting and antibacterial activity 11 1 2023
2 Tan S. L., Meriam Suhaimy S. H., Abd Samad N. A., Hamizi N. A. Effects of adulterated palm cooking oil on the quality of fried chicken nuggets 10 1 2022
3 Rimareva L. V., Serba E. M., Overchenko M. B., Shelekhova N. V., Ignatova N. I., Pavlova A. A. Enzyme complexes for activating yeast generation and ethanol fermentation 10 1 2022
4 Ageyeva N. M., Tikhonova A. N., Burtsev B. V., Biryukova S. A., Globa E. V. Grape pomace treatment methods and their effects on storage 9 2 2021
5 Aleinikova N. V., Peskova I. V., Ostroukhova E. V., Galkina Y. S., Didenko P. A., Probeigolova P. А., Lutkova N. Y. NanoKremny effect on the quality of grapes and wines 9 2 2021
6 Jabir B., Rabhi L., Falih N. RNN- and CNN-based weed detection for crop improvement: An overview 9 2 2021
7 Mbarga M. J. A., Desobgo S. C. Z., Tatsadjieu L. N., Kavhiza N., Kalisa L. Antagonistic effects of raffia sap with probiotics against pathogenic microorganisms 9 1 2021
8 Serba E. M., Tadzhibova P. Yu., Rimareva L. V., Overchenko M. B., Ignatova N. I., Volkova G. S. Bioconversion of soy under the influence of Aspergillus oryzae strains producing hydrolytic enzymes 9 1 2021
9 Asyakina L. K., Fotina N. V., Izgarysheva N. V., Slavyanskiy A. A., Neverova O. A. Geroprotective potential of in vitro bioactive compounds isolated from yarrow (Achilleae millefolii L.) cell cultures 9 1 2021
10 Ryabtseva S. A., Tabakova Yu. A., Khramtsov A. G., Anisimov G. S., Kravtsov V. A. Modelling formation and removal of biofilms in secondary dairy raw materials 9 1 2021
11 Althagafi A. M., Alshegifi H. M., Qussyier T. S., Tobaiqy M., Mariod A. A. Mycotoxin-contaminated food and feed in Saudi Arabia: review of occurrence and toxicity 9 1 2021
12 Milentyeva I. S., Le V. M., Kozlova O. V., Velichkovich N. S., Fedorova A. M., Loseva A. I., Yustratov V. P. Secondary metabolites in in vitro cultures of Siberian medicinal plants: Content, antioxidant properties, and antimicrobial characteristics 9 1 2021
13 Derkanosova N. M., Stakhurlova A. A., Pshenichnaya I. A., Ponomareva I. N., Peregonchaya O. V., Sokolova S. A. Amaranth as a bread enriching ingredient 8 2 2020
14 Salishcheva O. V., Prosekov A. Y. Antimicrobial activity of mono- and polynuclear platinum and palladium complexes 8 2 2020
15 Karimi E., Yari M., Ghaneialvar H., Kazemi H. R., Asadzadeh R., Aidy A., Abbasi N. Effects of dust phenomenon on heavy metals in raw milk in western Iran 8 2 2020
16 Antipova L. V., Kuchmenko T. A., Osmachkina A. A., Osipova N. A. Identification of total aromas of plant protein sources 8 2 2020
17 Ivankin A. N., Verevkin A. N., Efremov A. S., Vostrikova N. L., Kulikovskii A. V., Baburina M. I. Synergistic effects of Lactobacillus plantarum and Staphylococcus carnosus on animal food components 8 2 2020
18 Kasjanenko S. M., Kasjanenko O. I., Nagornaya L. V., Yevstafieva V. A., Melnychuk V. V., Lukyanova G. A., Gurenko I. A. Yeast-rich mannan fractions in duck cultivation: prospects of using 8 2 2020
19 Sukhikh S. A., Astakhova L. A., Golubtsova Y. V., Lukin A. A., Prosekova E. A., Milent`eva I. S., Kostina N. G., Rasshchepkin A. N. Functional dairy products enriched with plant ingredients 7 2 2019
20 Utama G. L., Lestari W. D., Kayaputri I. L., Balia R. L. Indigenous yeast with cellulose-degrading activity in napa cabbage (Brassica pekinensis L.) waste: Characterisation and species identification 7 2 2019
21 Eremeeva N. B., Makarova N. V., Zhidkova E. M., Maximova V. P., Lesova E. A. Ultrasonic and microwave activation of raspberry extract: antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties 7 2 2019
22 Rashidimehr A., Rashidimehr A., Fazlara A., Zarei M., Pourmehdi M., Noshad M. Use of essential oils and vacuum packaging as a way to extend shelf life of burgers from surimi 7 2 2019
23 Kharitonov V. D., Sherstneva N. E., Kharitonov D. V., Yurova E. A., Kurchenko V. P. Changes in physico-chemical properties of milk under ultraviolet radiation 7 1 2019
24 Chernukha I. M., Kovalev L. I., Mashentseva N. G., Kovaleva M. A., Vostrikova N. L. Detection of protein aggregation markers in raw meat and finished products 7 1 2019
25 Talebi H. R., Zomorodi S., Talaie A., Kalateh J. S. Effects of chitosan coating enriched with thyme essential oil and packaging methods on a postharvest quality of Persian walnut under cold storage 7 1 2019
26 Osipova G. A., Koryachkina S. Y., Koryachkin V. P., Seregina T. V., Zhugina A. E. Effects of protein-containing additives on pasta quality and biological value 7 1 2019
27 Lisina N. L., Lisina N. L. Environmental regulations in Russian food security 7 1 2019
28 Gandhi S., Gat Y., Gat Y., Arya S., Kumar V., Panghal A., Kumar A. Natural sweeteners: health benefits of stevia 6 2 2018
29 Abd-Allah I. M., Rabie M. A., Sulieman A. M., Mostfa D. M., El-Badawi A. A. Oxidative stability of edible oils via addition of pomegranate and orange peel extracts 6 2 2018