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1 Baburina Marina I., Efremov Alexander S., Ivankin Andrey N., Kulikovskii Andrey V., Verevkin Alehey N., Vostrikova Natalia L. SYNERGISTIC EFFECTS OF LACTOBACILLUS PLANTARUM AND STAPHYLOCOCCUS CARNOSUS ON ANIMAL FOOD COMPONENTS 8 2 2020 4649
2 Dydykin Andrei S., Ivankin Andrey N., Kuznetsova Tatyana G., Mileenkova Elena V., Nasonova Viktoria V., Semenova Anastasia A. VOLATILE AROMA COMPOUNDS IN MOSKOVSKAYA COOKED SMOKED SAUSAGE FORMED IN DIFFERENT TYPES OF CASINGS 7 1 2019 26223