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1 Islam M. S., Mustafa R. A. Assessment of trace elements in canned fish and health risk appraisal 11 1 2023
2 Kaledin A. P., Stepanova M. V. Bioaccumulation of trace elements in vegetables grown in various anthropogenic conditions 11 1 2023
3 Debnath B., Manna K. Formulating anti-diabetic nutraceutical tablets based on edible plants from Tripura, India 10 2 2022
4 Giro T. M., Ilina L. A., Ilina L. A., Kulikovsky A. V., Ziruk I. V., Giro A. V. Molecular genetic studies of microbiocenosis and microstructure of jejunum wall in young rams grown on biofortified feed additives 10 2 2022
5 Stepanova E. M., Lugovaya E. A. Macro- and microelements in some species of marine life from the Sea of Okhotsk 9 2 2021
6 Giro T. M., Kulikovsky A. V., Аndreeva S. V., Gorlov I. F., Giro A. V. Production of enriched lamb in biodegradable packaging 8 2 2020
7 Shelepov V. G., Uglov V. A., Boroday E. V., Poznyakovsky V. M. Chemical composition of indigenous raw meats 7 2 2019