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1 Shad Z., Mirhosseini H., Motshakeri M., Sanjabi M. R., Meor Hussin A. S. α-amylase from white pitaya (Hylocereus undatus L.) peel: optimization of extraction using full factorial design 9 1 2021
2 Karimi E., Yari M., Ghaneialvar H., Kazemi H. R., Asadzadeh R., Aidy A., Abbasi N. Effects of dust phenomenon on heavy metals in raw milk in western Iran 8 2 2020
3 Yaseen A. A., Hussein A. M. S., Esmail R. M., Mohammad A. A. Quality characteristics of snacks produced from nixtamalized corn flours of new drought-tolerant yellow corn hybrids 8 2 2020
4 Ramezani H., Abhari K., Pilevar Z., Hosseini H., Mohammadi A. Volatile N-nitrosamine, residual nitrite, and ascorbic acid levels in sausages during storage 8 1 2020
5 Majlesi M., Malekzadeh J., Berizi E., Toori M. A. Heavy metal content in farmed rainbow trout in relation to aquaculture area and feed pellets 7 2 2019
6 Rashidimehr A., Fazlara A., Zarei M., Pourmehdi M., Noshad M. Use of essential oils and vacuum packaging as a way to extend shelf life of burgers from surimi 7 2 2019
7 Talebi Habashi R., Zomorodi S., Talaie A., Kalateh Jari S. Effects of chitosan coating enriched with thyme essential oil and packaging methods on a postharvest quality of Persian walnut under cold storage 7 1 2019
8 Akbari-adergani B., Sallak N., Jahed khaniki G., Rastkari N., Sadighara P. Effect of sodium bicarbonate residue on some characteristics of processed meat products 6 2 2018