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1 Phuong D. V., Nguyen L. T. Coffee pulp pretreatment methods: A comparative analysis of hydrolysis efficiency 12 1 2024
2 Marjanović-Balaban Ž., Gojković Cvjetković V., Grujić R. Gliadin proteins from wheat flour: the optimal determination conditions by ELISA 9 2 2021
3 Tamova M. Yu., Barashkina E. V., Tretyakova N. R., Zhuravlev R. A., Penov N. D. Beet pulp dietary fiber exposed to an extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field: detoxification properties 9 1 2021
4 Asyakina L. K., Fotina N. V., Izgarysheva N. V., Slavyanskiy A. A., Neverova O. A. Geroprotective potential of in vitro bioactive compounds isolated from yarrow (Achilleae millefolii L.) cell cultures 9 1 2021
5 Milentyeva I. S., Le V. M., Kozlova O. V., Velichkovich N. S., Fedorova A. M., Loseva A. I., Yustratov V. P. Secondary metabolites in in vitro cultures of Siberian medicinal plants: Content, antioxidant properties, and antimicrobial characteristics 9 1 2021
6 Shad Z., Mirhosseini H., Motshakeri M., Sanjabi M. R., Meor Hussin A. S. α-amylase from white pitaya (Hylocereus undatus L.) peel: optimization of extraction using full factorial design 9 1 2021
7 Grujić R., Gojković Cvjetković V., Marjanović-Balaban Ž. Separation of gliadins from wheat flour by capillary gel electrophoresis: optimal conditions 8 2 2020
8 Arab Shirazi Sh., Pedram Nia A. , Saeidi Asl M. R. , Naghipour F. , Tavakolipour H. Antioxidant activity of aqueous and alcohol extracts of Salvia leriifolia L. and Linum usitalissmum L. subjected to a pulsed electric field 8 1 2020
9 Minevich I. E., Osipova L. L., Nechiporenko A. P., Melnikova M. I., Tsyganova T. B. IR-spectroscopy of polysaccharide flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) products 7 2 2019
10 Eremeeva N. B., Makarova N. V., Zhidkova E. M., Maximova V. P., Lesova E. A. Ultrasonic and microwave activation of raspberry extract: antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties 7 2 2019
11 Жилин А. А., Жилин А. А., Федоров А. В., Гребенщиков Д. М. Dynamics of acousto-convective drying of sunflower cake compared with drying by a traditional thermo-convective method 6 2 2018
12 Kriger O. V., Kashirskikh E. V., Babich O. O., Noskova S. Yu. OAT PROTEIN CONCENTRATE PRODUCTION 6 1 2018