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1 Salama H. H. , Abdel-Wahhab K. G., Khalil H. M. A., Abdelhamid S. M., Hassan L. K. Acid curd (Karish) cheese supplemented with ashwagandha and/or probiotics: Modulatory efficiency on induced behavioral and neurochemical changes in rats 13 1 2025
2 Abdelwahab S. I., Taha M. M. E., Mariod A. A., Mariod A. A. Bibliometric analysis of scientific research on Sclerocarya birrea (A. Rich.) Hochst. 13 1 2025
3 Abdolmaleki F., Rezaei Mokarram R., Daneshniya M. , Maleki M. H. Iranian grape syrup used as a prebiotic and its effect on the physicochemical, microbiological, and sensory properties of probiotic yogurt 13 1 2025
4 Abbas H. M. , Abd El-Gawad M. A. M., Kassem J. M., Salama M. Application of fat replacers in dairy products: A review 12 2 2024
5 Hussein A. M. S., Abd El-Aal H. A., Morsy N. M., Hassona M. M. , Hassona M. M. Chemical, rheological, and sensory properties of wheat biscuits fortified with local buckwheat 12 1 2024
6 Abd El-Aziz M., Salama H. H. , Sayed R. S. Plant extracts and essential oils in the dairy industry: A review 11 2 2023
7 Abdelwahab S. I., Taha M. M. E., Mariod A. A., Mariod A. A. Thymoquinone-related knowledge (1915–2022): A comprehensive bibliometric analysis 11 2 2023
8 Logutov V. I., Abdrakhmanov V. I., Kulikovskii A. V., Knyazeva A. S., Utiyanov D. A. Liquid products of meat and bone meal pyrolysis: comprehensive assessment by chromatographic methods 11 1 2023
9 Mariod A. A., Abdalrahman E. M., Shakak M. A. Black mahlab (Monechma ciliatum L.) seeds: processing effects on chemical composition and nutritional value 10 1 2022
10 Tan S. L., Meriam Suhaimy S. H., Abd Samad N. A., Hamizi N. A. Effects of adulterated palm cooking oil on the quality of fried chicken nuggets 10 1 2022
11 Rejeb A., Keogh J. G., Rejeb K., Dean K. Halal food supply chains: A literature review of sustainable measures and future research directions 9 1 2021
12 Althagafi A. M., Althagafi A. M., Alshegifi H. M., Alshegifi H. M., Qussyier T. S., Qussyier T. S., Tobaiqy M., Mariod A. A., Mariod A. A. Mycotoxin-contaminated food and feed in Saudi Arabia: review of occurrence and toxicity 9 1 2021
13 Bychkova S. M., Karelskaia S. N., Abdalova E. B., Zhidkova E. A. Social responsibility as the dominant driver of the evolution of reporting from financial to non-financial: theory and methodology 9 1 2021
14 Cheurfa M., Cheurfa M., Achouche M., Azouzi A., Mariod A. A., Mariod A. A. Antioxidant and anti-diabetic activity of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) leaves extracts 8 2 2020
15 Abd-Allah I. M., Rabie M. A., Sulieman A. M., Mostfa D. M., El-Badawi A. A. Oxidative stability of edible oils via addition of pomegranate and orange peel extracts 6 2 2018