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Alexander Yu. Prosekov, Editor-in-Chief, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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Order of consideration

The journal is published in printed and electronic version.

Manuscripts submitted for publication should meet the requirements of the journal for the article formatting. The manuscripts presented with violation of the above mentioned rules are not considered by the editorial board.

Two manuscripts submitted by the same author cannot be published in one issue or in two consecutive issues.

A manuscript coming to the «Foods and Raw Materials» editorial office is considered as matching the journal specialization and formatting requirements by the person responsible for the issuing. The manuscript is registered and receipt is confirmed within 14 days after its arrival.

Manuscripts submitted to the editorial board are checked for borrowings from open sources (plagiarism). The check is carried out through the Internet resources – The degree of originality is to be not less than 81%.

The manuscript further goes to the editor-in-chief who evaluates validity of data, authenticity, grounds of factual evidence, its completeness and representativeness, its composition, logics, and stylistic quality, realization of the goal of the research.

Having been approved by the editor-in-chief , the content submitted for publication undergoes reviewing.

The journal only publishes the manuscripts recommended by the reviewers.

The author of the rejected article is sent a motivated refusal by the official responsible for issuing. The reviewer's name may be reported to the author provided that the former gives consent to it.

The term for the article consideration should not exceed three months from the date of starting the reviewing process.

The editorial board does not retain rejected articles. Accepted manuscripts are not returned. The manuscripts with negative reviews are not published and not returned to the author, either.
As a rule, manuscripts are published in order of their submission to the editorial board. In exceptional cases the latter has the right to change the order of priority for the articles.

If the editorial board do not share the author’s outlooks completely they may give a foot-note remark on this point. Manuscripts published with the purpose of discussion may be supplied with corresponding remarks.

The editorial board has the right to publish readers’ letters giving evaluation of the printed articles.

The authors assume responsibility for authenticity of the information presented in the article. It should be original and should not be published before or submitted to other publishing organizations.

The editorial board is not responsible for falsity of the articles’ data. Any violations of the copyright are prosecuted by law. Reprinting of the journal’s materials is only allowed upon agreement with the editorial board. Written consent of the editorial board for reprinting and references to the journal «Foods and Raw Materials» for citing are compulsory.

The authors are not expected to pay fees for publication, to be given the reward or free copies of the Journal.