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1 Abd El-Aziz M., Salama H. H. , Sayed R. S. Plant extracts and essential oils in the dairy industry: A review 11 2 2023
2 Asan-Ozusaglam M., Celik I. White pitahaya as a natural additive: potential usage in cosmetic industry 11 1 2023
3 Yang Y., Babich O. O., Sukhikh S. A., Zimina M. I., Milentyeva I. S. Antibiotic activity and resistance of lactic acid bacteria and other antagonistic bacteriocin-producing microorganisms 8 2 2020
4 Симакова И. В., Гиро Т. М., Васильев А. А. Ensuring the safety of the lipid fraction of semi-finished products of a high degree of preparation from fatty fish raw materials 6 2 2018