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1 Alloyarova Y.V., Kolotova D.S., Derkach S.R. Nutritional and therapeutic potential of functional components of brown seaweed: A review 12 2 2024
2 Azizpour N., Razavi S. H., Azizpour M., Khazaei Poul E. The effect of post-packaging pasteurization on physicochemical and microbial properties of beef ham 12 1 2024
3 Prikhodko D. V. , Krasnoshtanova A. A. Using casein and gluten protein fractions to obtain functional ingredients 11 2 2023
4 Aslanova M. A., Semenova A. A., Derevitskaya O. K. Formulating a functional drink with antiosteoporosis effects 9 2 2021
5 Althagafi A. M., Althagafi A. M., Alshegifi H. M., Alshegifi H. M., Qussyier T. S., Qussyier T. S., Tobaiqy M., Mariod A. A., Mariod A. A. Mycotoxin-contaminated food and feed in Saudi Arabia: review of occurrence and toxicity 9 1 2021
6 Derkanosova N. M., Stakhurlova A. A., Pshenichnaya I. A., Ponomareva I. N., Peregonchaya O. V., Sokolova S. A. Amaranth as a bread enriching ingredient 8 2 2020
7 Nikitin I. A., Nikitina М. А., Allilueva N. М., Krivosheev A. Yu. Comprehensive assessment of fruit jelly with an improved carbohydrate profile based on unconventional plant raw materials 7 1 2019
8 Лобанов В. Г., Слепокурова Ю. И., Жаркова И. М., Колева Т. Н., Росляков Ю. Ф., Крастева А. П. Economic effect of innovative flour-based functional foods production 6 2 2018
9 Дышлюк Л. С., Сухих С. А., Иванова С. А., Смирнова И. А., Субботина М. А., Позднякова А. В., Неверов Е. Н., Гармашов С. Ю. Prospects for using pine nut products in the dairy industry 6 2 2018