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1 Rahman Md. A., Roy J., Mahomud Md. S. Textural and antioxidant properties of mozzarella cheese fortified with dehydrated oyster mushroom flour 11 2 2023
2 Mariod A. A., Abdalrahman E. M., Shakak M. A. Black mahlab (Monechma ciliatum L.) seeds: processing effects on chemical composition and nutritional value 10 1 2022
3 Habiba U., Robin Md. A., Hasan Md. M., Toma M. A., Akhter D., Mazumder Md. A. R. Nutritional, textural, and sensory quality of bars enriched with banana flour and pumpkin seed flour 9 2 2021
4 Rejeb A., Keogh J. G., Rejeb K., Dean K. Halal food supply chains: A literature review of sustainable measures and future research directions 9 1 2021
5 Momin M. A., Jubayer M. F., Begum A. A., Nupur A. H., Ranganathan T. V., Mazumder Md. A. R. Substituting wheat flour with okara flour in biscuit production 8 2 2020
6 Abd-Allah I. M., Rabie M. A., Sulieman A. M., Mostfa D. M., El-Badawi A. A. Oxidative stability of edible oils via addition of pomegranate and orange peel extracts 6 2 2018