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1 Vesnina A. D., Milentyeva I. S., Le V. M., Fedorova A. M., Altshuler O. G., Prosekov A. Yu. Quercetin isolated from Hedysarum neglectum Ledeb. as a preventer of metabolic diseases 13 1 2025
2 Milentyeva I. S., Fedorova A. M., Larichev T. A. , Altshuler O. G. Biologically active compounds in Scutellaria baicalensis L. callus extract: Phytochemical analysis and isolation 11 1 2023
3 Babich O. O., Milentyeva I. S., Dyshlyuk L. S., Ostapova E. V., Altshuler O. G. Structure and properties of antimicrobial peptides produced by antagonist microorganisms isolated from Siberian natural objects 10 1 2022
4 Milentyeva I. S., Le V. M., Kozlova O. V., Velichkovich N. S., Fedorova A. M., Loseva A. I., Yustratov V. P. Secondary metabolites in in vitro cultures of Siberian medicinal plants: Content, antioxidant properties, and antimicrobial characteristics 9 1 2021
5 Yang Y., Babich O. O., Sukhikh S. A., Zimina M. I., Milentyeva I. S. Antibiotic activity and resistance of lactic acid bacteria and other antagonistic bacteriocin-producing microorganisms 8 2 2020
6 Zaushintsena A. V., Milentyeva I. S., Babich O. O., Noskova S. Yu., Kiseleva T. F., Popova D. G., Bakin I. A., Lukin A. A. Quantitative and qualitative profile of biologically active substances extracted from purple echinacea (Есhinасеа Рurрurеа L.) growing in the Kemerovo region: functional foods application 7 1 2019
7 Prosekov A. Yu., Dyshlyuk L. S., Milentyeva I. S., Pavsky V. A., Ivanova S. A., Garmashov S. Yu. STUDY OF THE BIOFUNCTIONAL PROPERTIES OF CEDAR PINE OIL WITH THE USE OF IN VITRO TESTING CULTURES 6 1 2018