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The article describes chemical and amino acid composition of feather-downy raw material. It determines the mass fraction of crude protein, crude fiber, ash, calcium, phosphorus, sodium in the samples of feather-downy raw material. It is stated that the waste from poultry processing obtained from hens of all the studied species are characterized by a high content of crude protein and low in crude fiber and ash. The most valuable feather-downy raw material regarding protein is waste containing keratin obtained from the Lohmann Brown hens. We have studied the composition of the peptide fractions of feather-downy raw materials by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis according to Laemmli in order to understand chemistry of feather-downy raw material better. The obtained results show the presence of a wide variety of protein fractions with different molecular weights in tested keratin raw material. Half of all the proteins are fractions with a molecular weight of 60.0-56.0 kDa. It is found that feather and downy raw material has a sufficient number of low-molecular peptides. It is proved that this fraction corresponds to alpha-keratin. An important indicator for animal feed is their amino acid content, so we studied the quantitative content of essential and nonessential amino acids in feather-downy raw materials. The results of research indicate that poultry processing waste is rich in sulfur-containing amino acids such as cysteine and methionine. It is proved that the data on the physical and chemical composition of feather-downy raw material obtained from three different breeds of chickens, allow recommending the processing of poultry waste as a promising object for high-protein feed for farm animals with a balanced content of macro and microelements.
Feather-downy raw materials, mass fraction of protein, fiber, ash, waste from poultry processing
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