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1 Al-Hassawi F., Al-Ghanim J., Al-Foudari M., Al-Othman A. , Sidhu J. S. Effects of flaxseed on the nutritional and sensory qualities of pan and Arabic flat breads 11 2 2023
2 Grujić S. , Grujčić M. Factors affecting consumer preference for healthy diet and functional foods 11 2 2023
3 Debnath B., Manna K. Formulating anti-diabetic nutraceutical tablets based on edible plants from Tripura, India 10 2 2022
4 Giro T. M., Ilina L. A., Ilina L. A., Kulikovsky A. V., Ziruk I. V., Giro A. V. Molecular genetic studies of microbiocenosis and microstructure of jejunum wall in young rams grown on biofortified feed additives 10 2 2022
5 Sadovoy V. V., Shchedrina T. V., Trubina I. A., Morgunova A. V., Franko E. P., Sadovoy V. V. Cooked sausage enriched with essential nutrients for the gastrointestinal diet 9 2 2021
6 Stepanova E. M., Lugovaya E. A. Macro- and microelements in some species of marine life from the Sea of Okhotsk 9 2 2021
7 Vorobyeva V. M., Vorobyeva I. S., Kochetkova A. A., Mazo V. K., Zorin S. N., Sharafetdinov Kh. Kh. Specialized hypocholesterolemic foods: Ingredients, technology, effects 8 1 2020
8 Kaur K., Chhikara N., Sharma P., Garg M. K., Panghal A. Coconut meal: Nutraceutical importance and food industry application 7 2 2019
9 Titov E. I., Sokolov A. Yu., Litvinova E. V., Kidyaev S. N., Shishkina D. I., Baranov B. A. Dietary fibres in preventative meat products 7 2 2019
10 Nikitin I. A., Nikitina М. А., Allilueva N. М., Krivosheev A. Yu. Comprehensive assessment of fruit jelly with an improved carbohydrate profile based on unconventional plant raw materials 7 1 2019
11 Дышлюк Л. С., Сухих С. А., Иванова С. А., Смирнова И. А., Субботина М. А., Позднякова А. В., Неверов Е. Н., Гармашов С. Ю. Prospects for using pine nut products in the dairy industry 6 2 2018
12 Belyakova Z. Yu., Makeeva I. A., Stratonova N. V., Pryanichnikova N. S., Bogatyrev A. N. , Diel F., Hanferyan R. A. ROLE OF ORGANIC PRODUCTS IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE STATE POLICY OF HEALTHY NUTRITION IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION 6 1 2018