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1 Pushpakaran A. M. K. , Singh J., Rasane P., Kaur S., Kaur J., Kaur J., Kumar M., Assouguem A. Immunomodulatory effect of ashwagandha (Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal) and its impact on COVID-19 13 1 2025
2 Gaikwad V., Kaur J., Rasane P., Kaur S., Singh J., Kumar A., Kumar A., Sharma N., Mehta C. M., Patel A. S. Nutritional significance of finger millet and its potential for using in functional products 12 1 2024
3 Ndinchout A. S., Chattopadhyay D., Ascension N. M., Singh N., Paul M. F. Muffins fortified with Dacryodes macrophylla L. fruit: quality and sensory evaluation 10 1 2022
4 Singh J., Kalyan K., Yikona A., Sen S., Kaur S., Gat Y., Kaur N., Rasane P. Optimisation of a process for cocoa-based vermicelli 6 2 2018