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Alexander Yu. Prosekov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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The manuscript should be carefully checked and signed by all authors on the first page of the main text. The article will not be published if it fails to meet the requirements. All articles are subject to general editing.

Correspondence and submission of all documents is done by e-mail:

The editors expect to receive the following documents, in Russian or English:

  1. an e-version of your article in MS Word 2003 named by the first author's last name (e.g. SmithJ.doc);
  2. a scanned PDF version of your article, the first page signed by all the authors (SmithJ.pdf);
  3. a form with personal information about the author(s). Please do not forget to mark the name of the author responsible for correspondence with an asterisk*. Name the file by the first author's name, e.g., SmithJ_Form.doc;
  4. a scanned PDF version of a cover letter to the editor-in-chief from the responsible organization with the conclusion about the relevance of the research and recommendations for its publishing. The document should contain the date, reference number, and the signature of the head of the organization;

**In accordance with the International and Russian Law on the copyright protection, scientific works (articles) are given juridical defense. They represent the results of intellectual activities – the object of the copyright. The person(s) who created a work of science is (are) admitted the (co)author(s) of the intellectual activities result.

To make the cooperation easier the original manuscript should be accompanied by two copies of copyright transfer agreement (in the Russian and English languages). The agreement is sent in two copies in paper-based version (original) or its electronic version (PDF). The agreement has to be legible and signed by all authors (co-authors, copyright holders).

You can obtain the Agreement forms in the Russian or English languages from the journal's site. The Agreement is an adhesion contract.

We would like to remind you that the present Agreement comes into force on the occasion that the article is accepted for publication in the English language. In case the Materials are not accepted for publication the Agreement expires automatically. It is the exclusive right of the Journal editorial board to make decision about acceptance of the article for publication. Signing of the Agreement by the author(s) means that the author(s) familiarize with and agree to the terms of the Agreement.