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Effect of Multicomponent Cereal Mixtures on Glucose Level in Blood of Experimental Animals

Recipes of multicomponent mixtures of cereals with proteins of high biological value were developed. In experiments, 35 adult male Wistar rats were used. Prior to the experiment, all animals were fed with powdered milk, grain or grain waste, germinated oats, and comprehensive multivitamin preparations, in addition to the standard balanced diet. Against this background, blood was collected from the animals for biochemical studies (control group, n = 20). Blood collection from tail vein was performed under general anesthesia, according to the recommendations of the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Working Group. Animals were fed with viscous-texture porridge made from ternary mixtures (rice, peas, and buckwheat; rice, barley, and maize) and the five-component cereals (rice, barley, maize, buckwheat, and peas) for 30 days. The control group received a standard vivarium diet. Postprandial glycemic curves in all groups were compared with the response to administration of glucose in the amount corresponding to the diet carbohydrates content. Postprandial glycemia was significantly lower in all groups of animals receiving the experimental diets than in the group of animals who received aqueous solution of glucose directly in the stomach by gavage at the rate of 0.03 g/g total weight (glucose tolerance test, GTT). Baudouin hyperglycemic factor was 1.52 for the control group, and in the range of 1.07–1.10, for the experimental groups. The glycemic index was 76.2 and 53.6–55.9, respectively. The results evidence that the products prepared from multicomponent mixtures of cereals belong to the products with low glycemic index
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multicomponent mixtures of cereals , postprandial glycemia , glycemic index
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Effect of Multicomponent Cereal Mixtures on Glucose Level in Blood of Experimental Animals. Foods and Raw Materials, 2014, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 82-85
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