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A Method to Increase the Nutritional Value of Aerated Confectionery

A technology and a formulation for the production of meringue of increased nutritional value have been developed. Stepwise introduction of components of a complex additive including puffed barley (6%) and eggshell powder (2%) has been implemented in the new technology. The effect of the above named additive on heat treatment of meringues has been investigated; for this, test samples of pastry were baked at a temperature of 100°C until the content of solids reached 96%. Changes of temperature in the surface layer, central part, and bottom of the sample were monitored during baking. The process of baking of the samples can be arbitrarily divided into three stages, namely, warming, baking, and drying. Dynamics of changes in the surface temperature of the test sample was comparable to that registered for the control sample; the surface was thoroughly heated and moisture evaporated almost completely during 12–15 minutes after the beginning of treatment. The duration of warming for the center of the test samples decreased by 15.4%, and the duration of baking decreased by 6.8%.The additive also had a marked effect on the dynamics of temperature distribution in the bottom of the samples during baking; however, the duration of warming for the test sample was comparable to that for the control sample due to additional heating of the system upon contact with the metallic baking sheet. Introduction of the additive resulted in a decrease of baking time due to the increase of heat conductance of the foam mass containing the additive. Introduction of a complex additive combining components of plant and animal origin to the technology of meringue production contributes to increased production intensity and decreased energy consumption.
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meringue , complex additives , puffed cereals , eggshell , heat treatment
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A Method to Increase the Nutritional Value of Aerated Confectionery. Foods and Raw Materials, 2014, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 58-61
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