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Technology Development for the Food Industry: A Conceptual Model

The information available on high technology in food industry is systematized. Different approaches to the development and integration of scientific knowledge are discussed. According to the European Institute for Food Processing (EU-IFP), there are three possible areas where a breakthrough in food science can occur: biotechnology (BIOTECH), nanotechnology (NANO), and information and communication technology (ICT). A transition is expected of high technology in food industry to convergent technologies in a combination with cognitive science (COGNITIVE). The four components of high technology are analyzed using food industry examples. We believe that the transfer of scientific knowledge into food industry can facilitate the technological development of the Russian agroindustrial complex.
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high technology , convergent technologies , food industry , biotechnology , nanotechnology , information technology , cognitive technologies
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Technology Development for the Food Industry: A Conceptual Model. Foods and Raw Materials, 2014, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 22-26
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