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Meat grinding tops are used in technological lines of production of sausages, canned meat and stuffed semi-finished products. An increase in the specific productivity of tops is economically sound which allows the consumer to reduce significantly the capital and operational costs. It has been established by the authors that not all the area of grating is supplied at any time with meat raw materials by means of the top screw, but only a certain sector is, which significantly reduces the productivity of the top. The researches have been performed using the mathematical modeling of the process of supply of meat raw materials in the top with the subsequent check of adequacy of mathematical model by means of natural experiments under production conditions. As a result, a mathematical model of process of supply of raw materials in the top has been developed that allows to increase significantly the accuracy of determination of its productivity and also to set the most rational structural and kinematic parameters of the working bodies of the top. It has been established that most of the volume of raw materials is supplied by the screw through the grinding knot. The presence of gratings and knives in the grinding knot and their geometrical parameters provide the formation of reverse flows of raw materials through a gap between the screw and the internal surface of the working cylinder and along the screw channel of the screw. The following optimum technological parameters of the process of supply of raw materials in the top have been determined: the outer diameter of the output grating is 0.15-0.155 m; the rotation frequency of the screw is 4.5-5.2 sec-1; the angle of lead of rounds of the screw is 4.8-5.5 degrees; the area of frontal projection of a knife blade is 0.001-0.0011 m2; the thickness of the output grating is 0.0075-0.0082 m.
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Meat grinder, productivity, mathematical model, screw, grinding set
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Batrachenko A.V. and Filimonova N.V. The influence of structural and kinematic parameters of working bodies of the meat grinders on its productivity. Foods and Raw Materials, 2017, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 118–130. DOI: 10.21179/2308-4057-2017-1-118-130.
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