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Oral tobacco-free nicotine products: Quality and safety during storage

Oral non-tobacco nicotine products have gained enormous popularity in recent years. The countries of the Eurasian Economic Union also produce and sell this type of innovative but poorly studied goods. As a result, the safety profile and quality of such products as nicotine poaches require urgent comprehensive research. This study featured the changes in quality of nicotine poaches during storage, i.e. nicotine content, water activity, and microbiological index.
The research featured nicotine poaches of several popular brands. The authors used standard research methods; the experiments were performed in the laboratory for chemistry and quality control, Institute of Tobacco, Makhorka, and Tobacco Products, Krasnodar, and at the Department of Bioorganic Chemistry and Technical Microbiology, Kuban State Technological University, Krasnodar.
The water activity was 0.8911–0.9502 Aw at the initial stage and remained stable in most samples even after six months of storage. Velo Freeze was the only brand to show significant variations in water activity. The nicotine content was 10.115–12.950 mg/g at the initial stage. Only four samples maintained the initial values after six months of storage. The fluctuations of nicotine content were also mentioned by the manufacturer. The microbiological profile remained stable during the six months of storage and met the requirements for similar products, i.e., chewing gum and unglazed caramel.
The project needs further research because the qualitative characteristics of nicotine poaches provided rather unambiguous results. Our study will help develop state standards for oral nicotine products. The results obtained will be used to formulate proposals to the organizations responsible for the future Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union for nicotine products.
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Oral non-tobacco nicotine products, smokeless tobacco, water activity, nicotine, snus, safety
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Pankov NA, Lushnikova AYu, Perezhogina TA, Gnuchikh EV, Lobanov VG, Vanitskaya TV. Oral tobacco-free nicotine products: Quality and safety during storage. Foods and Raw Materials. 2025;13(1):172–177. 
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