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The main indicators of the quality and safety of dairy canned food in the range of low, intermediate and high humidity related to their distribution in Russia and abroad are considered. A comparative analysis of the quality parameters of traditional canned milk produced by the interstate standards in force in Russia, including obligatory conditions of compliance with technological requirements and sanitary and hygienic norms for production, when compared to similar products manufactured according to international standards, demonstrates competitive indicators of quality and safety. The basic technological approaches are investigated and a number of additional evaluation criteria for the utilization of various technologies and assessments of the quality of finished products are considered. Data on alternative raw ingredients, food additives and technological aspects that contribute to improving the quality of products, including storage stability, are reviewed. Separately presented are the integral criteria which, excludes the presence of falsified products. The principles of creating technologies for canned dairy products of functional purpose, including gero-dietetics, are described. Thus, based on a modern regulatory and technical base and using existing production capacities for the production of high-quality dairy canned food, the only necessary element for solving the problem of complete import substitution of canned dairy products in Russia is to increase the volume of raw material production.
Canned milk, normative documents, product quality, evaluation criteria, storage stability, falsification
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