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Environmental regulations in Russian food security

The present research features the legal effect of environmental regulation on food security in the Russian Federation. The author analyzed the system of environmental regulation together with its legal instruments, and gave a legal assessment of its efficiency in providing safe environment and food products. The efficiency of the mechanism of environmental regulation affects the safety of products. However, the system of environmental regulation is large- ly represented by sanitary and hygienic standards and does not fully meet modern challenges. Meant as a basis for environmental and food security, the current environmental regulation takes into account neither local conditions nor the level of aggregate anthropogenic load on environment, thus failing to ensure the production of safe, high-quality food products. The study proves that there is an inextricable link between environmental regulation and environmen- tal safety, which has to be taken into account in state policy planning. By providing environmental safety, environ- mental regulation serves as the main means of food security. The author proposes to develop legislation on various types of environmental standards that would ensure food quality and security. The measures of food quality and se- curity should be based on the principles of environmentalisation and sustainable agriculture.
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Ecology , law , environmental regulations , environmental protection , food security , food quality , environ- ment , food , nutrition
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