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Currently, as part of import substitution, it is important to effectively use the reserves of animal protein, for example, horse meat, which has dietary properties due to a balanced amino acid and fatty acid composition and high efficiency in the treatment of anemia, hypotrophy and other pathologies. However, ready-made products of meat of adult horses are tough and not succulent; in order to adjust the functional and technological properties of boiled horse meat products, the use of multicomponent brines is promising. A promising ingredient for use in the composition of the stuffing brine is a powdered arabinogalactan, a highly branched polysaccharide, isolated from soft wood. The purpose of the work was to study the possibility of using arabinogalactan in the brine in the technology of whole-muscle boiled horse meat products. The experimental part was carried out in the laboratory of the department "Technology of meat and canned products" of the East-Siberian State University of Technology and Management. The samples of chilled horse meat were tested. These samples were stuffed with a control and experimental brines with a different dose of arabinogalactan with subsequent massaging in a tumbler. In the samples studied, physico-chemical and structural-mechanical characteristics were determined. As a result of the studies, kappa- and iota-carrageenans were selected as ingredients of the stuffing brine with a concentration of 0.8 and 0.2% and the animal protein "Promiat-90" with a concentration of 0.75% of the brine weight basis. The amount of injected arabinogalactan (10%), which provides the necessary density and viscosity of the brine, is experimentally justified. Massaging of salted horse semi-finished products is accompanied by an improvement in their hydrophilic properties, which reach the highest values in 10 hours. The finished experimental product is characterized by better quality and yield (by 6%). Thus, the use of 10% arabinogalactan in a multicomponent brine for horse boiled products makes it possible to improve their functional-technological and taste characteristics.
Arabinogalactan, multicomponent brine, horse meat, boiled meat product
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