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Storage stability and anti-caking agents in spray-dried fruit powders: A review

Fruit powders possess numerous benefits compared to fresh raw materials, i.e., extended shelf-life, convenient transportation and storage, a wide range of applications, etc. Nonetheless, the storage time of fruit powders depends on such factors as storage conditions, packaging, etc.
This review suggests a comprehensive analysis of articles, reviews, reports, and books indexed in Scopus, Web of Science, and eLIBRARY.RU, as well as reported at conference proceedings and other scholarly resources in 2005–2022.
Due to their high hygroscopicity, powders tend to absorb moisture from the environment and become prone to caking. Anticaking agents can prevent powders from this process. Different packaging materials also affect the compounds and properties of fruit powders. Accelerated degradation and temperature models can predict shelfp-life. This review featured the effectiveness of different anti-caking agents, as well as the impact of various packaging methods on the storage of powders. Calcium phosphate demonstrated excellent anti-caking properties, reduced hygroscopicity, and enhanced flowability. Aluminum laminated packaging proved effective in protecting powders during storage. As the storage time increased, powders demonstrated only a slight increase in moisture content. Their L* value (light to dark) and b* value (yellow to blue) decreased while the a* value (green to red) and the total color change increased. Caking increased as the flowability, pigment content, and antioxidant content went down.
The review has practical implications for developing new technologies aimed at prolonging the storage time of spray-dried fruit powders.
Fruit powder, physico-chemical properties, anti-caking agents, kinetics, packaging, shelf-life, spray-dried products
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