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1 Belashova O. V., Kozlova O. V., Velichkovich N. S., Fokina A. D., Yustratov V. P., Petrov A. N. A phytochemical study of the clover growing in Kuzbass 12 1 2024
2 Milentyeva I. S., Le V. M., Kozlova O. V., Velichkovich N. S., Fedorova A. M., Loseva A. I., Yustratov V. P. Secondary metabolites in in vitro cultures of Siberian medicinal plants: Content, antioxidant properties, and antimicrobial characteristics 9 1 2021
3 Babich O. O., Kriger O. V., Chupakhin E. G., Kozlova O. V. Miscanthus plants processing in fuel, energy, chemical and microbiological industries 7 2 2019
4 Artyukhova S. I., Kozlova O. V., Тolstoguzova T. Т. Developing freeze-dried bioproducts for the Russian military in the Arctic 7 1 2019