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1 Anh Dang Viet, Dat Nguyen Manh, Duy Le Xuan, Hung Nguyen Phi, Huong Trinh Thi Thu, Le Do Thi Thuy, Long Pham Quoc, Manh Do Van, Nhan Nguyen Phu Thuong, Pham Dung Thuy Nguyen, Toan Tran Quoc OPTIMIZATION OF CANTHAXANTHIN EXTRACTION FROM FERMENTED BIOMASS OF PARACOCCUS CAROTINIFACUENS VTP20181 BACTERIA STRAIN ISOLATED IN VIETNAM 9 1 2021 1828
2 Bach Long Giang, Nhan Nguyen Phu Thuong, Phuong Than Thi Minh, Thanh Le Van, Toan Tran Quoc, Vu Nguyen Duong INSTANT TEA FROM CONDONOPSIS JAVANICA L. ROOT EXTRACT VIA SPRAY DRYING 8 2 2020 2077
3 Doan Duy Le Nguyen, Phuong Do Viet, Tan Quoc Le Pham, Van Tan Pham PRODUCTION OF BIOETHANOL FROM ROBUSTA COFFEE PULP (COFFEA ROBUSTA L.) IN VIETNAM 7 1 2019 11146