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Ermolaev V.A., Kemerovo Institute of Food Science and Technology, bul'v. Stroitelei 47, Kemerovo, 650056 Russia,

Year 2014 Issue 1 DOI 637.35.04
Annotation Both theoretical and applied studies on microstructure of cheese immediately after a technological cycle and dry cheese obtained by vacuum drying are described. The aim of the microstructure studies is a more comprehensive evaluation of the product quality. Images of cheese upon high- and low-temperature secondary heating at different magnification were studied. The effect of drying on cheese microstructure was investigated. Analysis and identification of various components in the cheese mass using microstructure studies were performed. Calcium phosphate depositions were detected with electron microscopy. Calcium lactate was detected in mature cheese.
Keywords Microstructure, vacuum drying, cheese, microvoids, macrograins, residual pressure, temperature, shrinkage, pores
Artice information Received November 30, -0001
Accepted November 30, -0001
Available online November 30, -0001
Imprint article Ermolaev V.A. EFFECT OF VACUUM DRYING ON MICROSTRUCTURE OF SEMI-SOLID CHEESE / Ermolaev V.A. // Food and Raw Materials. - 2014. - no. 1. - P. 3-10
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