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Foods and Raw Materials, Volume 6, issue 2, 2018

1 Akbari-adergani B.,
Sallak N.,
Jahed khaniki G.,
Rastkari N.,
Sadighara P.
Effect of sodium bicarbonate residue on some characteristics of processed meat products 472
2 Danilov A.,
Bazhenova B.,
Danilov M.,
Gerasimov A.
Study of lysate activity to modificate collagene raw materials to use in sausage mixture 277
3 Dyshluk L.,
Sukhikh S.,
Ivanova S.,
Smirnova I.,
Subbotina M.,
Pozdnyakova A.,
Neverov E.,
Garmashov S.
Prospects for using pine nut products in the dairy industry 381
4 Kosović I.,
Benšić M.,
Ačkar D. ,
Jozinović A. ,
Ugarčić Ž. ,
Babić J. ,
Miličević B.,
Šubarić D.
Microstructure and cooking quality of barley-enriched pasta produced at different process parameters 266
5 Singh J.,
Kalyan K.,
Yikona A.,
Sen S.,
Kaur S.,
Gat Y.,
Kaur N.,
Rasane P.
Optimisation of a process for cocoa-based vermicelli 263
6 Vasylyshyna O. Cherry chemical composition and antioxidant activity under freezing comprehensive relations assessment 258
7 Danilchuk T.,
Ganina V.
Prospects of using extremely low doses of physical factors impact in food biotechnology 272
8 Donnik I.,
Vafin R.,
Galstyan A.,
Krivonogova A.,
Shaeva A.,
Gilmanov K.,
Karimova R.,
Tyulkin S.,
Kuźmak J.
Genetic identification of bovine leukaemia virus 238
9 Nugmanov A.,
Hadjisimu P.,
Titova L.,
Aleksanyan I.,
Shamova M.
Hydrocolloid effect on the stabilization of vegetable purees in the process of freezing, refrigerating and defrosting 226
10 Petrov N.,
Sidorova Y.,
Sarkisyan V.,
Frolova Y.,
Zorin S.,
Kochetkova A.,
Mazo V.
Complex of polyphenols sorbed on buckwheat flour as a functional food ingredient 236
11 Aret V.,
Kremenevskaya M.,
Krupoderov A.,
Sosnina O.,
Chibiryak V.,
Sazonov V.
Intensification of thermal and rheological processes in a scraped-surface apparatus 225
12 Babenyshev S.,
Nesterenko P.,
Bratsikhin A.,
Zhidkov V.,
Mamay D.,
Maximenko A.
Hydrodynamics and mass transfer with gel formation in a roll type ultrafiltration membrane 232
13 Nekoz A.,
Venglovsky O.,
Batrachenko A.
Durability of cutter assemblies and its causative factors 238
14 Zhilin A.,
Fedorov A.,
Grebenshchikov D.
Dynamics of acousto-convective drying of sunflower cake compared with drying by a traditional thermo-convective method 236
15 Diel F.,
Khanferyan R.
Sports and energy drinks 291
16 Gandhi S.,
Gat Y.,
Arya S.,
Kumar V.,
Panghal A.,
Kumar A.
Natural sweeteners: health benefits of stevia 302
17 Valenta R.,
Dorofeeva Y.
Sport nutrition: the role of macronutrients and minerals in endurance exercises 286
18 Abd-Allah I.,
Rabie M.,
Sulieman A.,
Mostfa D.,
El-Badawi A.
Oxidative stability of edible oils via addition of pomegranate and orange peel extracts 251
19 Grujić R.,
Savanović D.
Analysis of myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic proteins in pork meat by capillary gel electrophoresis 211
20 Kozyrev I.,
Mittelshtein T.,
Pchelkina V.,
Kuznetsova T.,
Lisitsyn A.
Marbled beef quality grades under various ageing conditions 214
21 Oganesyants L.,
Vafin R.,
Galstyan A.,
Semipyatniy V.,
Khurshudyan S.,
Ryabova A.
Prospects for DNA authentication in wine production monitoring 303
22 Simakova I.,
Giro T.,
Vasilyev A.
Ensuring the safety of the lipid fraction of semi-finished products of a high degree of preparation from fatty fish raw materials 281
23 Sukhikh A.,
Zakharova Y.,
Yuzhalin A.,
Bykov A.,
Kotova T.,
Poznyakovskiy V.
Criteria for standartization of probiotic components in functional food products 303
24 Bychkova S.,
Zhidkova E.,
Eliashev D.
Informational support as an element of state control of agriculture 218
25 Lobanov V.,
Slepokurova Y.,
Zharkova I.,
Koleva T.,
Roslyakov Y.,
Krasteva A.
Economic effect of innovative flour-based functional foods production 293
26 Khvostov A.,
Ryazhskikh V.,
Magomedov G.,
Zhuravlev A.
Matrix dynamic models of elements of technological systems with perfect mixing and plug-flow hydrodynamics in Simulink 225
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